How to Transfer a Site to Another Homeowner

If you are a pool professional who has set up and configured a pool site and needs to hand over control to the homeowner, or if you are a homeowner who would like to transfer to a new homeowner, this article will walk you through how to do it!

There are two steps that are needed:

  • Start and send the transfer invitation
  • Accepting the transfer

How to Start the Transfer

From the main screen in the mobile app, tap on the hamburger menu icon in the upper right.

Tap on Sites

Tap on the site name in the list.

Tap “Actions” and then tap “Transfer Ownership

Input the email address of the new owner, and tap “Transfer

The app will ask for confirmation from you.

Steps that the New Owner Needs to Take

Download and install the Poolside Attendant mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Register an account and sign in using the same email address the transfer was sent to.

The new owner will see a message in-app that they should tap “Review” and then “Accept”

Once this is done, all controls will move from one owner to the other! Easy!

Updated on September 15, 2023

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