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The Copy Site functionality is a new tool available to registered Poolside Tech dealers that allows you to bypass the Interview process, and jump right into Installer Mode and device configuration. It is meant to help you with installations that are similar or identical to others by providing an option to copy the entire configuration of one of your already existing Client sites and apply that to the site you are currently working on.

Once a configuration has been copied to the new site, you are able to update what you need to – device brand/model, where the devices are connected, flows, and body of water options. Anything in the configuration. (Also, don’t worry, the site where the original configuration is coming from will not be affected in any way.)

This tool copies over everything –

  • The hardware configuration
  • Flows
  • Chemistry settings
  • Schedules
  • Color palettes
  • Themes
  • Body of Water settings – like Autofill and Water Leveling
  • Energy rates

If you choose to copy a configuration from one site to another, you will completely wipe and erase any configuration that might already be set up.


After you have entered the shortcode registration number, and have saved the site details like name, city, and state – you will see a new button available right below the Interview.

Tap on “Copy from Other” to get started.

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of all of the sites that are maintained by your organization.

Tap on the one you would like to copy the configuration from.

The mobile app will display a confirmation message to you.

Touch and hold the slider button and drag it from left to right to confirm and begin the copy process.

Once the copy is finished, the site will automatically go into Installer Mode for you so that you can adjust the configuration – like device models, connections, and flows – to your liking.

Remember that you will still need to set the correct Bus Identifiers (like Hayward HUAs) when copying!

Note: If there is a problem during the copy configuration process, the mobile app will let you know and the system will undo any changes made.

Precaution: If you’d like to copy the configuration from a site that has two Attendants linked, you can only copy to a site that also has two Attendants linked.

Updated on November 21, 2023

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