Wall Mounted Tablet Parts

The article below outlines the suggested parts list for customers that wish to get an iPad on the wall as a permanent pool controller. This article addresses a use case where an existing touch panel connecting to a legacy automation controller is being replaced and we want to re-use wiring.

Required Parts

  1. Purchase a line voltage to 24VDC power supply.

  2. Purchase a 24VAC to USB adapter
  3. Purchase a wall mount suitable for the iPad you wish to use:
  4. Purchase an iPad. We recommend iPad mini as a great size for the application.


  1. Connect the line voltage side of the power supply to the 120V (line)side.
  2. Connect the 24VDC side of the power supply to two conductors of the existing cable running between legacy automation and the tablet location.
  3. Install a wallbox large enough to house the 24VAC to USB adapter. Connect the two conductors used in step 2 to the inputs of the adapter.
  4. Connect a usb cable supplied with/compatible with your wall mount to the iPad.
  5. Test to make sure the iPad is powered and joined to WiFi
  6. Install the Attendant app and log in.
  7. Switch the iPad into guided access mode. This will prevent the system from ever leaving the Poolside app. Please use the following Apple support article for more details on how to enable Guided Access and start a guided Access Session.


    We recommend disabling display auto lock
Updated on September 23, 2023

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