The Attendant Quickstart Guide

Download the App and Create an Account

DOWNLOAD the free Poolside Attendant app and follow the prompts to create a new user account.

Power On and Connect

POWER ON and CONNECT The Attendant, following the on-screen instructions to connect to a wireless network.

Personalize Using the Interview

PERSONALIZE The Attendant by completing the interview

You pair your user account to The Attendant by using the on-screen registration code.  (We also call this the “shortcode.”)  To begin pairing, you’ll need to go through the “Interview” process.  The Interview is a feature that allows you to set up the basic framework of how your pool is designed.

Open the mobile app, and tap on the “Interview” button.

You will be asked several questions.  Simply tap on the options that best describe the configuration.  

  • Do you have a pool, spa, or both? 
  • Are they located indoors or outdoors?
  • Are there lights installed in the pool and/or spa?
  • Is there a salt water chlorination system installed?
  • Do you have a heater installed?
  • Are there temperature sensors installed for air/water?
  • Are there pH and/or ORP probes installed?
  • Is a Cleaner device installed?
  • Is the Cleaner installed before or after the filter?
  • Do you have a spillover (from spa to pool)?

Not all questions may be displayed to you based on how you answered previous ones.

After answering the Interview questions, you will be asked to input the sizes (in US gallons) for each body of water you previously answered you have.  If you are not sure,  that’s ok!  You can use the available calculator to estimate the volume, or you can simply move on and update it later.

The Interview will next ask you for your energy prices.  You will be asked for one or more of the following:

  • Electricity costs
  • Natural Gas costs
  • Propane costs

If you know what you currently pay for each, update the costs as needed.  Again, if you are uncertain about what your costs are, you can move on to the next sections and update them later.

This completes the Interview process!  You are almost there!

Configure Devices in Installer Mode

The app will ask you for confirmation to “activate Installer Mode.”  Sounds scary, but it really isn’t.  Installer Mode is the same as “service mode” and it allows you to configure and fine-tune your configuration.

Slide the bar to the right to begin. 

You will see the following tabs on the next screen – Site, Devices, and Flows.

Tap on the Devices tab.

Edit each device by tapping on the “>” symbol and selecting the brand, model, and where each device is physically connected to on The Attendant.

If your specific brand or model is not listed, that’s okay!  Sometimes that happens.  Pick a model that is most similar to the one you have.  There are generic options for each type of device.  Be sure to press Save at the bottom each time.

Do this for each device with a RED message marker on it.

Where is my device connected?
All things that are used to operate your pool need to be wired to The Attendant somehow. Devices can be attached via the following:

RS485 Serial ports – labeled BUS1 to BUS4
High voltage relays – these are the RELAYs preinstalled in the lower section of The Attendant
Low voltage dry-contacts -> labeled HEATER (or H1-H5)
Flow Switch ports – labeled SW1-SW5
Thermistor ports – labeled TS1-TS5
Actuator ports – labeled VALVE1-VALVE5

You can click on each of the above to view where each is located.

Once you have all the RED markers cleared, make sure to press “Save” in the top right-hand corner to save the configuration.

After pressing save you will see a message letting you know we are saving the configuration.

If successful, you will see the “Config saved and downloaded to the Attendant”

Next, you will be asked if you would like to set up pump schedules.  You can choose to set them up now, or you can do it later.

Setting Up a Schedule

After selecting yes to the Schedule Wizard, fill in the info needed to set a pump schedule.

Press the “<” button in the upper-left corner and move the slider bar to exit Installer Mode.

You are all set, the configuration is complete!

Confirm Everything Works

CONFIRM the configuration by using the app to test each control or button to verify all is operating as expected.

Transfer Ownership to the Homeowner

If you are a pool professional who has set up and configured the pool site and needs to hand over control to the homeowner, you’ll need to TRANSFER ownership to them.

Updated on September 1, 2023

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