ELAN Integration

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Installing the Driver

Use the ELAN Configurator to find the Poolside Tech driver in the driver marketplace (Search for ‘Poolside Attendant’).

Configuring the Driver

  • After installing the driver using the ELAN Configurator, fill in all the text inputs Site Name, Body of Water Names, Heater/Chiller Names. Ensure the names are written exactly as they appear in the Poolside App.
  • Press the ‘Authorize’ button to authorize access to the Attendant. A browser window will let you log in to an existing Poolside account. When completed successfully, the “Authorization Status” box should say “Authorized”:

Tell the driver the names of water features you want to control (if applicable):

Tell the driver about your themes (if you have any):

Creating a Home Page for Pool Controls (Optional)

Poolside controls can be added to any existing page. You can also create your Home Page just for Poolside controls.

Click the gray arrow next to ‘Home Pages’ and select ‘Add new Touch Screen Home Page’

Give the home page a name:

Finally, you need to add the page as a Tab on the main home screen:

Read the next section for details on creating and adding controls to pages.

Adding Controls to a Home Page

Find the Page you want and right-click ‘Add New Control’.

After the control is added, right-click it to connect it to PoolsidePoolTemperature.

Repeat the process to add other controls for heating, filtering, etc.

It might look something like this after you build a custom home page:

Updated on November 1, 2023

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