Control4 Integration

The Poolside Control4 driver implements the standard pool interface recommended by Control4.

This interface allows dealers to configure a Control4 system to control Pool/Spa filtering and heating/cooling, as well as up to 15 additional auxiliary controls for Water Features, Lights, Blowers, Cleaners, and Themes.

Driver Installation

  • Download the latest driver here: poolside.c4z
  • From the ‘Driver’ menu, select ‘Add or Update Driver or Agent’, select the poolside.c4z file you downloaded.
  • In the ‘System’ Pane, navigate to the ‘Room’ where you want to add the Pool Controller.
  • You may want to add a new “Room” called Pool at this time.
  • In the ‘Items’ Pane on the right side of Composer Pro, click on the ‘My Drivers’ tab. Then
  • use the search box to search for ‘Pool Controller’.
  • Double click on ‘Pool Controller’
  • In the window that appears, Double click on ‘Poolside’.
  • Finally, press enter to use the default name “Pool Controller” or change the name.

Driver Configuration

  • On the properties tab, set the ‘Site Name’, ‘Pool Name’, and ‘Spa Name’ properties (you can find the site name in the Poolside App from ‘Sites’ Menu, off the main menu). If you do not have a Pool or Spa leave the box empty.
  • On the ‘Actions’ tab, press the ‘Get Auth Link’ button.
  • Go back to the properties tab and check for a URL in the ‘Authentication URL’ field.
  • Copy/paste this URL into your browser.
  • In the browser, you will be asked for the username/password of the Poolside account.
  • There are two options for username/password: if homeowners want to share their site(s) with their Control4 dealer, the dealer can login using their own Poolside app account email/password. Alternatively, the Authentication URL can be shared directly with the homeowner and they can input their credentials.
  • After you have successfully entered the correct username/password, you should be redirected to a page that says “Success! Close this window and return to the Control4 app”.
  • Pool and Spa filtering and heating will now be usable from Control4 Navigator UIs.
  • Use the ‘Auxiliary Controls’ area to add more controls for Water Features, Lights, Blowers, and Themes
Updated on November 1, 2023

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