Actuator Virtual Camming

When editing the settings for an Actuator in Installer Mode, you will see a couple of new settings for the “Minimum Flow Rate” for both the left and right sides of the Actuator.

These two new settings allow you to set a “virtual” cam on the actuator without having to disassemble and manually set it.

What you can do is define how much of the water (as a percentage) should always go in one direction or another. The edit also displays an estimate of where the cam would be set in degrees (0° to 90°.)

These options appear right below the settings for “Default Actuator Position” and look like the following:

Tapping on the ℹ️ will display a pop-up window with some help text.

Important Note: Pentair Intellivalves and two-way actuators are not permitted to be virtually cammed.


All examples assume the physical actuator cams are set at 0° and 180° degrees as they usually are from the factory. Examples also assume the actuator is installed at the 90° position on the physical pool valve.

Default Settings of 0% and 0%

These values indicate no virtual cam at all. The actuator will fully move from one side to the other.

Pool 0%, Spa 50%

This sets a 45° virtual cam on the return actuator so that 50% of the water flowing to the pool while in Pool mode will always go back to the Spa spillover. You would configure something like this when you want to always have a spillover running.

Pool 50%, Spa 0%

Set a virtual cam at 45° from the left – the pool will always get 50% of the water flow when Spa mode is on.

Pool 25%, Spa 25%

The actuator cam will be set a 23° from the left, and 23° on the right. This will permit 25% of the water to flow left and right, depending on which mode is on. This example might be used for water features, like fountains or bubblers, to ensure some water is always flowing in those directions.

Updated on November 14, 2023

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