Understanding Water Quality Status in the Mobile App

If your pool has pH and ORP sensors installed and connected to the Attendant using our optional Chemistry module, you might be wondering how to actually check in and see what is going on now, and what has occurred over time.

This article describes how you can, using the mobile app, track the pH and ORP reading history for each Body of Water. You can do this by viewing the Water Quality section of the mobile app – listed after you tap on the hamburger menu.

The Attendant shows the current reading and displays a graph for pH and ORP (and other readings like Salt levels and filter pressure if your configuration supports them.)

If you don’t see a value on the top of the graphs shown above, its because the pool or spa is off and not moving water past the probes. Turn on filtering, and the readings will appear after a short time.

The mobile app also provides you with an easy way to get the current status of the waterright on the main page of the app!

In the top left corner of the app, you’ll see one of several statuses that give you a quick idea of the conditions of your water.

There are 4 possible indicators:


Good means that both the pH and ORP readings are close to the target that you’ve set.

For pH, this means the reading is within +/- 0.1 of the target, and for ORP, the reading is +/- 50 of the target.


Okay means that one or both pH and ORP readings are just slightly off from targets. You should check the Water Quality graphs to see if attention is needed.

pH – within +/- 0.3 of target. ORP – +/- 100 of target.


Warning means that one or both pH and ORP readings are far off targets. It’s imperative that you review the Water Quality graphs, and take corrective action as needed.

pH currently exceeds +/- 0.3 of target, and/or ORP exceeds +/- 100 of target.


Unknown indicates that there isn’t a current reading, because the pumps are off and there isn’t water flowing by the pH or ORP sensors. Turn on your filter pump to see what your current readings are.

Updated on August 22, 2023

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