Pentair IntelliFlo3 and IntelliPro3 Pumps

Ports to connect to on The Attendant: BUS1 – BUS4

These devices should be powered directly from the power center or breaker panel. Do not connect any wires other than Data+ and Data- to any BUS ports on The Attendant.

You need to connect a 18-24 AWG, two wire cable from the RS-485 port on the pump to an available BUS port on The Attendant.  Connect the Yellow to D+ and Green to D-.  Do not connect the Red and Black wires to The Attendant.

If the connection is successful, you will see the Connect button light on the pump switch to a pink color.

These devices should only be powered directly from the power center or breaker panel. There is no need to run through a relay, as The Attendant will command them to turn on/off by way of the communication cable.

Older versions of The Attendant software do not explicitly list the IntelliFlo3 pump. In this case please select IntelliFlo VSF from the dropdown menu.


IntelliFlo3 generation pumps may experience issues that prevent the pump from starting when controlled by any automation system including The Attendant in case of a dry start or a loss of prime.

If you observe the pump start to spin for 2-3 seconds and then shut down without displaying any warnings in the Pentair Home app or a flashing warning indicator light on the pump itself please follow the following procedures:

Check if you have water in the pump basket

Make sure the pump basket is full of water. If the basket is empty please fill it with water and power cycle the pump at the breaker to have it attempt a restart. Attempting to start the pump with an empty basket will frequently result in the pump failing to prime due to Dry Start protection being enabled.

Disable Dry Start detection

To permanently address this failure to start you may choose to disable Dry Start protection in the Pentair Home app by following the steps below:

Connect to the pump and go into the options menu:

Open the Advanced Settings menu and go into the Priming Parameters menu

Tap on Enabled next to the Priming option

Disable Priming and Dry Start. Press Save

Updated on October 2, 2023

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