The Attendant: Now NSF 50 Listed

Released March 2023

Poolside Tech is proud to announce that The Attendant is now an NSF 50 listed Water Quality Monitoring Controller for any pool pad. Whether you are in a commercial setting or a residential location, water quality is very important. At Poolside Tech we believe that all pool owners expect safe, beautiful water in their backyard oasis. Your automation system is at the very heart of making this happen. It is our belief that commercial-grade chemistry should be for everyone.

That is why Poolside Tech worked with the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials (IAMPO) Laboratories to validate our solution to the stringent NSF 50 standards.

The Attendant is the only pool automation system that has fully integrated chemistry management capabilities. Whether you have a residential saltwater pool or a commercial property, The Attendant can fully take over your water quality monitoring and controls.

Whenever you connect pH and OPR probes to the Attendant system, we will immediately monitor your water quality. Whether you simply have a salt water pool, we can calculate the amount of chlorine to produce on demand, thereby reducing situations where your pool is either over or under-chlorinated. The Attendant can also completely automate chemical dosing to get you full control of your water’s pH and sanitizer levels.

The Attendant can:

  • Automate your salt cell duty cycle/run time to ensure the amount of sanitizer is just right
  • Control any number of dosing pumps for liquid chlorine or acid dispensing
  • Use the Poolside Attendant app to view real-time water quality (pH and ORP) and historical trends
  • Get alerts and notifications whenever something goes wrong

Because The Attendant is a unique all-in-one system, where we control your pool and chemistry with one controller, we know the right moment to dose chemicals and the right moment to wait. Now residential pools can leverage the same technology to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Enhance the experience with
The Attendant + Chemistry.

Updated on September 18, 2023

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