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To connect your Cover Pools or Coverstar pool cover to The Attendant, a Rotary Switch will need to be installed. This part can be obtained through local distribution from Cover Pools – part number 191005 [Rotary Switch w/Bracket].

The Rotary Switch gets coupled to the cover take-up tube and mechanically tracks the cover position. Wiring from the switch gets connected to The Attendant which will detect if the cover is opened or closed. The Attendant uses this state to prevent water features from activating and can alter water quality processes to sanitize the water at different settings. The switch and tube coupling occurs at the opposite end hub.

This Rotary Switch will only work with Cover Pools or Coverstar automatic pool covers. APC and Aquatics covers are not set up for a rotary switch.

Installation of the Rotary Switch

Follow the instructions provided by Cover Pools to connect the power and the Rotary Switch to the pool cover itself.

When making adjustments to the Rotary Switch, the top cam is always adjusted for the close/cover (white wire) operation, and the bottom cam is adjusted for the open/uncover (green wire) operation.

Screw 2 – Top Cam
Screw 1 – Bottom Cam

Wiring to The Attendant

There is no cover interface board required. Connect the Rotary Switch to The Attendant’s FLOW-SW terminal bar bank as noted (click to zoom.)

Wires from the Rotary Switch:
Black – Common/Power
White – Top Cam
Green – Bottom Cam

The green wire connects to GPI on the first SW port, while black connects to GND.

The white wire should be capped with a wire nut and not connected to The Attendant.

Software Configuration

Go into Installer Mode and select the Devices tab.

Press the blue PLUS (+) button at the bottom of the screen to add a new device.

Tap on Cover Sensor.

Select the Port Type. This should be automatically prefilled to “Flow Switch”

Select the Attendant Switch number the green and black wires are wired to under Number. So, if the green and black wires are wired to SW1, select 1 from the dropdown menu.

Switch Type should be “Normally Closed” – meaning the electrical circuit between the Rotary Switch and The Attendant is closed when the pool cover is fully retracted and open. (You can change this if needed.)

Lastly, select the Body of Water that this cover sensor is monitoring.

Tap Apply at the top right, then tap Save.

Exit Installer Mode and return to Normal mode.

Pictures of Rotary Switch

Updated on November 16, 2023

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